"Tifa Chocolate & Gelato"

Working with Tifa Chocolate & Gelato I knew I needed to add the "Family Element" to really express the way there family business ran.

So we incorporated the "true essence" of what a child feels when entering Tifa. Total excitement and enjoyment the entire way from the car! The energy and true joy is hard to dismiss so this motion shoot came very naturally. I just let it unfold.

"WoodFord Reserve Master's Collection"

The Woodford Reserve Masters's Collection Brandy Cask Finish is the latest release in the series. As the first whiskey to be finished in an American brandy cask, this new expression is yet another product of Woodford Reserve's monumental appreciation and continued commitment to progressive thinking and continued craftsmanship. 

This Brandy, a spirit distilled from fruit or wine, and is aged in oak barrels.  

While finishing this fully matured Woodford Reserve in there whiskey barrels, it only accentuates Woodford Reserve's rich dried fruit as well as it's nut characteristics that come from the grain recipe and long fermentation process.

Tasting notes scream of a medley of chocolate, maple syrup over toasted hazelnuts, dried cranberries and dark raisins. With the lingering delicate soft notes of oak and spice in the depths.

The taste screams of toffee-covered dried fruit and toasted hazelnuts which is warmed by delicate wood spice notes.

The finish is long and warm with a hint of caramel lingering on the pallet.

"Tifa's Chocolates"

The moment you enter Tifa you experience a homey feeling that is instantly welcoming. It's a unique experience in a dessert cafe setting with the warm feeling of a hand crafted classic and traditional shop.

Chocolate artisan bars from around the world are offered as well as a blend of hand crafted classic and traditional gelato flavors with an American twist. Tifa also offers fresh pastries, espresso, pour-over coffee and cold brew.

Tifa is truly a family business. Shawn and Candace (brother & sister) work hard with there respective teams to craft all of the products they make while Mom and Dad handle many other aspects of the business.

"Frecker Farms"

Alex is a Certified organic Farmer in Carpinteria,Ca. Suppling first to the local farmers markets and to wholesale distributers as well.

He currently grows 30-40 different commodities on 20+ acres a year.

With Organic options for both fruit and vegetables, Frecker Farms proudly serves both the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Counties.




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