John Troxell Photography          


Working as a food and lifestyle photographer, I find many Clients need to tell there story,  where they came from, and what they bring to the dinner table. Each client has a different story to tell and I'm able to help with dynamic, colorful imagery. While telling the story one step at a time.

I create an image from start to finish working through the entire process one step at a time, knowing that it will be a perfect fit for my client. While each individual story has it's different location I strive on being able to handle all situations and bring a visual story that will let there consumer's know who they are.

While residing in the Los Angeles area for the past 25 years I found myself as a Union camera loader working in the commercial business doing car commercials, music videos and food commercials. That led me to work for the best Food tabletop Director/Dp in the commercial world for 15 years as a First assistant cameraman. 

This has developed my career while seeing the attention that the client receives and how to give them the best advertising possible while staying within budget.

I fell in love with the camera at a very young age and chose to enter Hollywood as a cameraman to learn and grow in the broadcast world. This has pushed me to help clients with any need possible. My imagery is not only a photograph, it's an expression of who I am and what I bring to the table for my clients. Beautiful, artistic imagery.


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